As a child I discovered my love for artisanal crafts and the clothing of different cultures. At the age of 15 my mother took me on a journey to Morocco. Exuberant ornamentation and colourings, opulent jewellery on relaxed kaftans, rare perfumes, the spicy scents of the oriental bazaars, captivating music and the complex aromas of the moroccan cuisine …

A festival for all senses! …
The fascination for this abundance of sensual impressions
has never ever stopped getting hold of me.

Journeys to Asia and particularly India followed, leaving remaining impressions to me. In the magnificent sarees I found one of my favourite materials – each one unique, just like the design that results from it. My favourite pieces were created out of this Ethno-Love. Those items have always accompanied me and are significant for my handwriting and this absolutely personal collection:

Splendid pieces – preferably every day ! … these marvellous outfits consist of modules that can be combined separately with ‘down-to-earth’ options like denim or puristic pieces. The dose of ‘Every-days Maharani’ style can be redefined over and over again … or invented  in a completely different way.

It’s has to be comfortable in all its splendour, not a rigid ‘evening dress opulence’. Effortless Sensuality – so that you can make yourself comfortable like the ‘Diva on the Divan’ …and yet, even barefoot, striding along like a Maharani.

Smaller changes in weight should not be a reason for a garment that does not fit well anymore to stay in the wardrobe. Some pieces have refined closure techniques that offer some leeway – so that they fit perfectly, with a ‘More or less’ weight.

Couture – the perfect feeling to possess something very personal and unique, manufactured in valuable elaboration and timeless elegance
…the only True Luxury.

  The collection is made for personalities who are designated to be Icons of Style. Such an icon values her/his own feeling for style above any group dynamics and does not focussed on trends. It is a Lady who finds the legendary ” bohemian & arty “- chic of a Talitha Getty inspiring. She stands out – but not exalted, but by the way she rests within herself – She is Style.


An archetype is reduced to the essential, the essence of a (clothing) form. Thus it is not subject to the loss of topicality of objects arrested in the spirit of zeitgeist. Because, as a kind of “feature conglomerate” they have no real core. I appreciate this characteristic very much as a value-stable base on which I can develop my own creative language.

There are the timeless ethnological forms of garments that have been worn for centuries, beyond cultural and geographical borders, and have not lost anything of their functionality or beauty. Sari, sarong, caftan blouse, Thai trousers…hardly to be surpassed in practicability, often offer wrap and tie variables for wonderfully personal fitting options. As simple and restrained  these forms are, as significant is their lavish abundance of decoration, colourful splendour and ornamentation – and all this in a such natural, relaxed way. This overflowing opulence with its subtle sensuality – its self-evident adornment and pleasure – the pure being with all senses ! …the treasures of the world.

The opposite pole to them are the reduced forms and silhouettes of modern, European couture. Archetypes that are above time and trends.  Reduced to the essential form, characterised by meticulously sophisticated lines and construction, the sculptural is the focal point.

What I want to bring together is…

the Opulence of Ethno-Style 

with its subtle Sensuality and the,

reduced to the Essential,

Elegance of Couture …

This antagonism needs to be balanced permanently . A balancing-act that is always in motion and has the advantage that nothing freezes into routine.
While magnificent EthnoStyles are created in a sensually-intuitive way, couture forms are created through crystal-clear calculation. Physical principles have to be respected and with almost scientific ambition the thing is developed until it works the way it was designed.
Not by coincidence it is called, very technically, pattern construction… I am not into developing a new model, but into a comprehensive ‘principle’. The pure essence of a form as an intellectual stage on which sensual-opulent splendour can unfold unrestrictedly.


 The desire for individual expression and personality lies in the nature of humans. And thus I have always regarded it as extremely luxurious to own a style as the only one; – to have the certainty there is no possibility of coming across anyone wearing the same piece; – that can be truly regarded an exclusive status. Pure objects of status cannot unconditionally fulfil this desire for something special if they are ultimately, however noble, results of mass production….think of the disappointment on the red carpet – when high-priced duplicates collide.

The concept of luxury is increasingly defined by the longing for the outstanding, the extraordinary, the one-of-a-kind… the result of the uniformity and arbitrariness of things that have to be artificially emotionalised  through marketing strategies in the afterthought . The future-oriented perspective of design will therefore have to respond to the need for individualisation, sustainability and authentic, emotional value.
It is the attitude of a curator that separates the conscious consumer from the ‘fashion victim’. Only carefully selected pieces will get a place in this personal collection.

There is the Haute Couture, where a design from a couture show is made-to-measure for only a single person.This is unimaginably elaborate and therefore only accessible to a handful of people worldwide.  Everything else is ready-to-wear, that is prefabricated mass-produced goods, in whatever price range, – this made fashion accessible to everyone.

The longing for the unique, however, has remained….

I was looking for something in between ::
On the base of the models shown, individually manufactured pieces can be ordered. Each one is made separately – either in ready-made sizes or even with customisations – perhaps in a different colour, material or with very special details. This is


…because you won’t find a piece that’s exactly the same. It is as unique as the person who wears it. For most people, although not made-to-measure, fitting customisations are a completely unknown experience…something like the “Haute Couture made-for-me heaven”.  A kind of Haute Couture – for just the price of good branded clothing. An investment in a piece of lasting value. This accommodates the growing awareness of consuming less  but things of higher quality .
… so much more delight and enjoyment with something very exceptional that is made exclusively for you !
… they are emotionally supercharged things – incomparable and precious.