All designs are manufactured in our own atelier, – separately and in the traditional artisanal craft techniques of a manufactory. This results in a maximum of individuality,
Authenticity and value.
Construction means forming soft or contoured volumes, following the body, optimising the flow of the line, emphasising or concealing…and often innumerable series of experiments. The hands that work out a piece give it undivided
attention. It is caressed, flattened, examined, plucked rightly, embroidered and finished stitch by stitch. This thing that is conceived, designed, composed, modelled – and to which heart and hand are put until it can finally be put on – is charged with heart blood,
Love and mindfulness – energies that give soul to an object.
One of my professors of painting told us impressively that the energy you put into an object does not get lost. It is not the physical law that is meant, it is rather the particular
“Shine”, the aura of certain things. In best case it becomes one with the the person who wears it – it becomes the attractive-authentic appearance of a person that includes much more than just the impression.

Sophisticated materials such as velvet, silk, embroidery, unusual and antique materials are delicate and therefore can only be manufactured as unique pieces. Brocade with woven ornament, for example, must be cut piece by piece absolutely symmetrically – the slightest divergence would spoil everything. Pearl embroidery, ‘invisible seams’….
…uncountable hours of crafts work .

These materials already develop their high sensual potential while working with them: the sound that emerges from silk when you move or tear it – the ‘cri du soie’, the cry of silk. SilkOrganza, a crackling, brittle breeze, dazzling like a wing of a dragonfly and just as ungravitable.

That’s Couture!…that’s the unconditional passion to create something unique and valuable. That may even extend to the point that the result is almost more of an
object of art than a piece of clothing.


What is more appealing than to show the whole abundance of the collection in an appropriate setting – an invitation to the world of JeanneSousan.

Salon Privé

A couture show is presented to an invited audience in a very personal and relaxed atmosphere. It is a workshow in which the tradition of the former couture houses is revived – but interpreted in a completely new way, as an ‘event with aftershow party’ to which like-minded guests are selected.


An elegant evening event with invited guests in an almost private atmosphere. The latest designs are shown by models who walk non-chalantly among the guests. Orders can be placed and appointments can be arranged. If you are interested in the events, please fill in the contact form.


Time and again I am confronted with the idea that there can only be true creativity in the metropolises of the world.
On the contrary, I like to point to the situation of the creatives in Iceland, who are bringing out things so independent and incomparably creative, let it be in music and design, that they themselves are influencing the global scene.
I love diving into the life of a metropolis or  foreign cultures to be flooded by all these impressions.

Rich in collected impulses I plant them, like seeds, in my inner garden,
let them grow and thrive to harvest blossoms of ideas which would not have found their breeding ground anywhere else.
The southwest, the ‘Tuscan Palatinate’ gives me peace, concentration and grounding. …or as I like to regard it :
“An unusual positioning is the possibility to look at things from an unusual point of view and thus to find more original solutions which one would not have thought of under adequate conditions”.